Victor Victoria’s Stir It Up (Imp Belgium)
(French JC, Lux Ch Terra Di Siena Invictus Du Bois De La Rayere x Cheek to Cheek Ne Me Quitte Pas)

Eamonn had wanted colour for awhile and as soon as Eamonn saw pictures of Celeste and Titus, he knew this is where he wanted to get a puppy from. I went to see Lola at 7 weeks and instantly fell in love, So at 15 weeks and 4 days old, we embarked on our drive to get this lunatic. She is the funniest girl, yet so stubborn with the most wonderful temprement. She definitley adds so much mayhem to our home, and we feel she was just so meant to be, with her being the only girl in the litter. She loves everyone but she is Conor’s dog! No matter where he is or what he is doing- she is within 2 feet of him at all times. Lola has had a lovely start in the ring and we look forward to the fun and mayhem ahead with her.