Show Champion Zenevieva Its All About Me JC, JD
Multi Ch Noah of The Hellacious Acres x Zenevieva Very Twee 
DOB: 11.09.2013

I could write a book about Kacey, my princess, my once in a lifetime pleaser. Kacey came into my life not long after my nan had suddenly passed away and she literally put me back together, gave us a reason to smile and added so much happiness into our lifes. She has the most amazing temprement and she is such a showgirl, she loves the ring. She had a puppy career that i didnt even think possible. She is truly remarkable and I will forever be grateful to call Kacey my dog. Every dream i had with a dog in the ring – Kacey made complete. Kacey is happiest when she is around you, regardless of being out or on the couch, when you leave the room and come back in, she is just as excited to see you again.