Princess Millie
Sopwell Sunny Samuel x Lady of The Manor

Millie is the queen of our house. She is as stubborn as they come, but the greatest dog you could ask for. Millie is a pleaser and loves to just be with you. Millie was my first Golden just for me, and the start of us showing. We brought her along to shows, sure we thought she was the most beautiful dog in the world, we hadnt a clue what we were doing but it was funny. Millie decided when she was about 2 that this show business wasnt for her, so when she went in the ring and you told her to stand, she would sit! Needless to say Millie was retired from showing very young. She gave us the bug for showing, and she is quiet content just sitting on the couch. She refuses to go out in the rain, and the only dog i know who is excited about the rain, because that means she can stay in bed all day, but yet she will swim all day for you, and you might have guessed it- she won’t come out of the water till she is ready to come out.