Marinaview Goldens was founded by my parents in 1992. My mum bought my dad a golden for Christams (because thats what she wanted) and he bought her a yorkshire terrier (because thats what he thought she wanted) Monzie “Sue Ellen” was our first dog and my dad bred from her and kept April, her daughter. As we always walked our dogs down the Marina in Cork- Dad (probably Mom) decided they wanted the Kennel Name to be Marinaview.

When Eamonn and I decided to start showing the dogs and got the “bug” for goldens, we couldnt decide on a kennel name- we were literally years thinking about it. After our son was born and when he started to talk, one of his first words was ral (Ralph) we could see he has the golden bug too. He adores them and i thought, i got my love for goldens from my dad, how cool would it be in years to come if he had his granda’s kennel. So Marinaview was reinvented.