We are Gill, Eamonn and Conor and we live in Cork with our beautiful goldens. Our dogs live in our home with us, sit on our couches and even sneak up the stairs sometimes, and they are our family. They still steal things of the counters and they even still eat things every now and again. Having grown up with goldens all my life, i knew they were the breed for me.

Molly who was Queen Mother arrived to us in 1999 and that point i was old enough to understand dogs. I love the loyality that a golden shows you, and they have the most beautiful temprement. Molly was simply incredible. She was my parents world and even though she was with us till 2016, i still feel the emptyness in my parents house without her. When i met Eamonn in 2005, i think he met the dogs before he met my famly. I knew when the dogs took to him- he was alright. Fast forward to 2011 we added Millie & Ralph. In 2013 Kacey was our present to ourselves for buying a house, and in 2014 Keano came the day we moved into our new house. In 2017, the goldens were joined by our son Conor and then in 2019, we added Lola to the mix.


Our goldens are absolute lunatics, but the sweetest caring dogs. To watch Conor help feed them, and love them as much as he does literally hurts my heart. The excitement and love that they have for him is just insane. We show our dogs as a hobby and any of the dogs that don’t enjoy it- do not go in the ring. We have been fortunate enough to make some lifelong friends who also share our love of goldens. We love our dogs unconditionally and all we ever hope for is healthy happy dogs, show sucess is a bonus, but it is nice when we win. Our dogs all have clear eye tests and have had their hips and elbows scored, and we are both committee members of The Golden Retriever Society of Ireland. We hope you enjoy our website and our dogs.